Scientific Proof the Zombie Apocalypse is here!

Marisol Teijeiro Uncategorised

The newest advances in Genetic modification could be the spark to start that fire.

As I’ve been working on the referencing for my upcoming book, The D-Spot, I stumbled upon some very interesting research. Everyone is fearful of something, if you’ve been following my blogs, you know I was fearful of skiing, which I conquered over March Break. Another one of my fears is that of a zombie apocalypse. As much as I love watching the Walking Dead and other TV shows and movies, I totally get freaked out.

Flesh devouring zombies fill my nightmares, which are especially worse when I take melatonin. (despite its health benefits, a small percentage of the population experience nightmares after taking melatonin). My recurrent nightmare is that of a zombie apocalypse, where I’m fighting to survive. Thankfully, I find refuge at Sanas Health Practice! We always joke that we have enough protein shakes to last about ten to twenty years. Not to mention the delicious Cocolicious chocolate bars we would have to ration between us. Basically we have everything needed to survive the apocalypse!

However, the latest research I stumbled upon truly scared me. You’re all familiar with genetic modification., but this medical research involved genetically modified bacteria! I found this shocking, as this can truly pose a risk to the human race. Scientist are currently investigating if by modifying the bacterial genetic code they could use these “new ” bugs as a vehicle for transport of pharmaceutical medications into the body!

Why is this so scary? Namely, because we really don’t know how the bacteria/drug mixture will respond or react in a human system. We have already experienced drug resistant bacteria that have basically evolved into “Super Bugs” with the misuse of antibiotics. And now, these superbugs can’t even be treated by available pharmaceutical drugs anymore. This leaves humanity in a tough spot should there be a breakout of infection!

I understand medicine wanting to always improve itself, that’s an inherent part of the scientific process. There are however limits, and some fires (or bugs) really shouldn’t be played with. So what you think may only be another episode of the Walking Dead, may not be too far from our near future.

My solution? Keep practising health so you can defend and fight against infection, it may be the only way to avoid what may be in the works.

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