Your Sanas Experience

Welcome to your Sanas Experience

Each and every Visit to Sanas Health Practice is a memorable experience. Our stunning practice relaxes and welcomes you. You are always greeted with a smile and feel like you are coming to your place for you time. Before becoming a patient people are usually curious as to what they can expect, here we give you an example of the typical patient experience.

The First Visit

Your Initial visit is typically a consultation with one of our Naturophatic Doctors, where you will have a discussion for an hour with regards to your present health concern, your medical, family and life history. Your general vitals will be assessed along with German Eye (Iridology and Sclerology), Traditional Chinese Medicine Pulse and Tongue assessments. You will be given your initial assessment as to what are the areas of your health that may be out of balance and need to be addressed for your health practice, and you will be given your initial health plan.

The Second Visit

Second visit will be an hour for your Full Physical Exam. Here you will learn about what the physical exam shows. Are you digesting your food properly? Are your sinuses blocked? Do you show signs of yeast overgrowth? Is your nervous system working properly? Are your adrenals and the energy state of your body weakened? Are you deficient in certain key nutrients? Most importantly of all we will have a record of your present state of health, so that if anything should change you can compare it. Most patients report never having had such a detailed physical exam and are astounded at what they learn about their bodies after this visit. If lab tests have not been done at this point we would run functional testing ( allergy testing, complete digestive stool analysis, heavy metals) or requisition any further lab tests that are required to confirm diagnosis.Your health practice plan is usually modified with the new information obtained at this point.

Moving Forward

From here together we are working to strengthen and improve your health. Results of your labs will be reviewed, you will come for follow-up visits as needed making sure you are on track with your practice. Some patients are recommended to come more frequently if they are doing clinical treatments such as Colon Hydrotherapy or Nutrient Infusion Therapies. Again everything is personalized and depends on what your needs are.

Your personalized health practice

Your Health Practice will take time and depends on you executing your practice and being open and honest about your health concerns. With severe health concerns more frequent visits are likely as we like to do whatever is possible to speed up the process, an example of this would be a cancer patient.

We know that two way communication is extremely important to you and it is to us as well. We want you to contact us, if there is a question about your health plan, if you are unsure, if you are unsure, knowing why you are doing something will help you to stick to your health practice and will likely mean improved results. As with all medicine not everyone responds as expected and sometimes to improve there is a period of feeling uncomfortable, let us know so that we can fine tune your health plan.

Start your Experience, your personalized health practice is right around the corner.