Tequila won’t kill ya!

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Tequila – It won’t Kill ya!

No! In fact it’ll bring you longevity! Yes that’s right, the substance associated with hanging your head over the toilet and swearing to yourself that never again will you consume engine fuel, set up with salt and ending with lime, can actually bring you longevity in some of the most incredible ways.

Now, here is the background. Overdoing it (as with anything) especially alcoholic substances, won’t be your fountain of youth. But tequila that comes from the agave plant, and it must be high quality, 100% agave (not the engine fuel that you have once abused in university that is a 50:50 mix with grain alcohol) has been found in research to actually have multiple health benefits.

My favourite benefit of high quality tequila, when consumed before a meal is that it can help to improve digestion and boost appetite. Taking a shot of high quality tequila prepares your digestive juices before a meal, helping your food to break down better and go down smoother. For those who need to improve their appetite, tequila can help to increase this as well (again it should not be abused).

Ok, you got me, I lied. That is not my favourite aspect of tequila. On top of improving digestion it can actually help to feed the good bacteria of the gut! (Tequila is sounding more and more like my other favourite substance – green tea, that also heals the gut and improves the gut bacteria).

That’s right, the good little critters that co-exist happily within us! Probiotics provide so many benefits such as making those wonderful B-vitamins that give us energy, balance our mood and help our bodies to clear out toxins! Probiotics have also been newly proved by research to they help us manage our weight and our mood!

The good bugs, help to train our immune system properly. It is a common fact that 80% of the immune system begins in the gut and a big part of that is the good gut bugs. Gut bugs, when healthy and flourishing also help to protect us from invasion of bad gut bugs and yeasts. They protect their home with vigilance!

The good gut bugs digest proteins and fibres and extract wonderful nutrients that are otherwise more difficult for us to extract from food. Some of the nutrients that in my opinion are the elixir of life, the B-vitamins, are sourced from good gut bacteria.

Recent research has revealed that maintaining a good healthy gut means that you have a healthier weight. If you have bad gut bugs, then you tend to carry more body weight.

The other benefit of improving the good gut microbiome with tequila, is that you absorb much better. The gut’s most important job is to intake, breakdown and absorb what you eat. So if you do this more effectively because you have a better gut microbiome, thanks to tequila, you can in fact be healthier than you would imagine. When you absorb better your health is generally better. Where research has eluded to this benefit is in bone health. As you may or may not be aware our North American population is plagued with bad bone health. It’s not for a lack of calcium, more so a lack of good absorption from the gut. For us this means that our bones are healthier, because we will better absorb our calcium along with all the other nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for good bone health.

So next time you have access to some really good tequila, (see the list below for our favourites) indulge in a slow shot, ideally as an aperitif before a meal or after dinner as a digestive aid and watch the benefits accumulate. Always remember, tequila made from Agave, the nectar of the gods, can cause a problem if taken out of moderation. So don’t over do it. Practice Health and you will always experience infinite health!


The Good Tequilas must say 100% Agave Nectar – These are our favourites:

Patron – Silver


Don Julio


Happy and safe drinking, friends!