Stress of Summer! Oxymoron- We think not!

Marisol Teijeiro Uncategorised


Believe it or not summer is not just filled with pina colada’s and sunshine. There is a significant amount of stress that comes with the sunshine and social expectation of this time of year. I think it’s time we all (myself included), undress our stress for what’s left of the summer and jump into our best sizzling summer adventures! Especially as the opening of the CNE heralds the few weeks left before the kiddies are back at school and we are into our normal routines.

Here are the top five summer stressors and what to do about them:

  1. Sensational Summer Body  – Don’t stress about not having the perfect body to dazzle by the beach or poolside. Wear your birthday suit proud it’s the only temple you’ve got. Be proud and bold about who you are, forget about the nitpicking that you are so good at doing. “I have too much cellulite here, if only I had a flatter belly there, and geez I have no butt.” Trust me, you are the only one noticing these things and everybody else is noticing all of their own imperfections. If we all just focus on being grateful for what we’ve got, we would all be in a much better place. “Ya I’ve got a booty! Look at my luscious curves, Flat is Back!!!” This summer I want to encourage you to write down the negatives you say about your body and turn them into a positive. Own it baby, you do have a sensational summer body. It’s your body. It’s all you got, so you better love it
  2. Sweet Seduction of Summer– We can so easily be seduced into getting off of our daily health practices, “Hey I’m on Vacation”. Really? I urge you to maintain the 80/20 rule with all your health practices over the summer, sin smartly and let go and get laid back but only 20% of the time (ok, ok 30% every once in a while, you’ve earned it!). Enjoy your long island ice tea, cerveza and pina coladas, but be conscious of making the best choices. How about using stevia sweetened pop like Zevia to make your long island? Or fresh, real coconut milk or cream for that delicious pina colada. Have the fresh blueberries instead of the cheesecake. There is always a healthier way to do things so keep that at the forefront of your mind, and think “smart sinning”. Little baby steps can go a long way in the end.
  3. Sunstroke and Sunburn – As calming and relaxing as sun bathing can be, don’t forget that the sun can be a big source of stress. Enjoy the sun and soak up that vitamin D but don’t forget to take some breaks.  Cover yourself up with protective clothing and wear a healthy sunscreen (look at those ingredients). After sun exposure, make sure to lather your skin with high anti-oxidant oils to protect from any damage. Our favourite is Perilla Seed Oil. The other thing is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Water with freshly squeezed lemon and a pinch of salt and honey, can be a natural electrolyte mix that will keep you refreshed and hydrated in the hot sun. 
  4. Siesta and Exercise-The Sun can be exhausting and it’s no wonder our hot blooded Spanish neighbours to the south all take a siesta to break free from the heat. It’s not a bad health practice to partake in.  A 20-30 minute cat nap can rejuvenate you and make you more effective throughout the day and better able to handle all that comes at you. The other major stress buster that people tend to bypass for a drink out on the patio is good old exercise. Keep up your routines for the summer or switch them with activities that get you out doors. Whatever you do, maintain your activity level.
  5. Depressed in the Passed, Anxious about the Future BUT AT PEACE IN THE PRESENT-That’s the jist of a quote from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, and couldn’t be closer to the truth. The shoulda coulda woulda’s of the past belong in the past. You can’t go back and all they serve is to make you sad and depressed. Learn from what was lived and let it go. You can’t redo the weeks of summer that have already passed. The same thing goes about focusing on the future.  This can increase your fear and anxiety. We don’t have crystal balls that can tells us what will happen, even weather forecasters get it wrong half of the time. So the solution is to not be anxious about the few weeks that you have left, because if you do, you won’t enjoy the here and the now. This is a principle to live by; focus on the now. It’s exactly were you are meant to be. Think of nothing else. Do this now. Got it, GOOD.

So bottom line this summer; Don’t Worry be Happy. Enjoy a safe and superb summer, undress from all that stress and jump into a nice big pool or lake. Won’t cha?

( WARNING:  please make sure to wear your bikini, speedo, bathing trunks or bathing suit! there are kids around!!!!!)