Squeaky Clean!

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Have you heard of colon cleansing before but had no idea how it can help you? (If you haven’t, where have you been?! Just kidding, you can scroll down to the ‘bottom’ of this post for some links.)

If the idea of a coffee enema turns your stomach and sounds too “Gwyneth Paltrow” for you, I agree! I personally like my coffee in a mug not a bowl 😛

Recently we had a patient at Sanas experience revolutionary improvement in her health, and I really wanted to share the results (she’s approved it) with you all.

So here’s her case, we’ll call her ‘Susan’:

Susan is a 50-something year old mother who is our long time patient, focusing on health maintenance and stress management. Susan called the office in destress around 2 months ago – she was going through a rough time with her family, was run down caring for everyone …. and low and behold her health started to falter. She simply couldn’t afford to feel the way she was, especially not approaching the Christmas Holidays. She told us that she had been experiencing excruciating abdominal pain that landed her in the hospital two times in the past week. She’d had tests and ultrasounds to ensure she wasn’t having stomach ulcers, kidney stones, gallstones or appendicitis, but everything had come back “normal”. She was in so much pain she needed IV morphine and gravol to relax her. She had been prescribed anti-acid medication, laxatives and a drug called Pink Lady to numb her pain – I’m not kidding you about the name….it’s actually a drink mixture with antacid and anaesthetic lidocaine. Susan had been sent home again and by the time she called us a few days later she hadn’t felt any better after using her prescription medication, she couldn’t eat or sleep and the pain was consuming her. She was “losing it”!

Based on the severity of her symptoms, we recommended she remain persistent and go back to the hospital for more testing. After another trip to emerg, it turned out that Susan was BACKED UP! I mean really, really backed up…so much so that her colon was entirely impacted and the fecal matter was placing pressure on her abdominal organs, including all the way upstream to her stomach. This explained the nausea and pain she felt. Take a look at her first abdominal X-Ray:

All the darker circular bits are fecal matter. So, Susan was sent home from hospital again with a stronger laxative this time. Susan had some previous experience with this particular drug with her son, and wasn’t keen on using it due to the associated side effects…she wondered if we had any alternatives to offer.

OH HECK YA we had some ideas up our sleeves. We quickly made some dietary recommendations for Susan. Got her started on a modified cleanse month, since her appetite was low she was to focus on easy to digest and liquid foods, amazing hydration and of course some abdominal castor oil packs. We added in some homeopathics and nutraceuticals to act as laxatives and to get her digestive system on track. But the most effective treatment was likely the COLON CLEANSING.

Susan began undergoing weekly colon hydrotherapy treatments in addition to supportive Intravenous Infusions since she was run down and not eating very much.

She continued this for 6 weeks and returned for another abdominal X-Ray:

HOLY ****, right?! The amount of round bits of fecal matter had significantly reduced, and at this point Susan was able to eat more – granted she was still primarily eating liquid foods likes smoothies and stews. When Susan was called in to the hospital for her results and explained she had not used the drug prescribed to her, her Nurse Practitioner advised her to “keep doing what you’re doing, ‘cuz it’s working”.

Today, Susan is still doing her colon cleansing treatments weekly for a little while longer, at which point her medical doctors and her Naturopathic Doctors here at Sanas will reassess her treatment plan and get her to a place where she maintains feeling and eliminating better in the long term.

I wanted to share this story because we often see patients who so greatly benefit from colon hydrotherapy but can, understandably, be nervous about the notion of sticking something up their bums.

Colon cleansing is an effective and safe treatment when administered in the right place and at the right time. It can help support your natural detoxification functions if they’re sluggish and improve your health from optimal digestion to beautiful radiant skin. This is a particularly great success story where we were able to collaboratively support our patient along with her family and emergency doctors…. and she pooed happily ever after.

If you’re really encouraged by Susan’s story to try colon hydrotherapy, we recommend that you first check with your Naturopathic Doctor to make sure you’re a good candidate for this treatment…not everything is safe for everyone and even natural therapies aren’t without risks.

Learn more about the health benefits of colon cleansing here and about the Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system here.