Spring: The Miracle of Life!

Marisol Teijeiro Uncategorised

With Spring on it’s way, and with Dr. Melissa’s new arrival, (welcome Hudson James Bingeman) I’m reminded of my little Lola’s birth. Witnessing the miracle of life in your living room, is like watching nature at it’s finest. Five springs ago my other 6 lb Yorkshire Terrier Rana, many of you have not met, gave birth to her first planned litter and the clinics lovely little Lola was born. 

When we found out Rana was expecting we immediately got her checked out by the vet, made sure her diet was the healthiest it could be and made sure she was on the essential prenatal naturopathic care, fish oils, prenatal multivitamin and probiotics ( for doggies of course!). What is interesting is that these are similar recommendations that I give to any of my patients who are expecting. Guaranteed Dr. Melissa was taking these too.

As we watched, Rana’s baby belly grow over a 2 month period, it was incredible how little it affected her. Besides having a voracious doggie kibble appetite and an insatiable thirst, she continued her daily routine without any hitches. Even our daily 5 km run, was no problem and a healthy prescription because it was part of her daily health practice Onward she went excited and wagging her tail in delight!

The birth day was astounding, there was no fear whatsoever surrounding the event (well maybe a bit on my part but not on Rana’s!). Humans are programmed to be fearful of the birth process, and told we will require an epidural to endure it. But my Rana had no such expectation and her birth process was just as natural as going to the bathroom, with her own version of lamaze breathing. She just did it and gave birth to 2 pups a large sized girl Lola and a teeny tiny pinky sized male we called Kudjo.

Instincts took over for Rana and she would lick and clean her pups, feed them and keep them warm. Unfortunately Kudjo, the little male didn’t make it past the first day because he was unable to begin feeding. It was a sad lesson in the natural laws of life, it was outside of our control and Kudjo was just not able to survive despite his mum’s and our best efforts to support him. As Lola flourished and grew Rana taught her how to self-soothe. Lola would cry and Rana would watch from afar, if there was no danger she would allow her to cry herself back to sleep.

What was most interesting was the physical changes that were happening to Rana the mommy. The more Lola indulged in her milk, the more Rana’s hair dryed out. Luckily for Rana, her Naturopathic Doctor to the rescue. Like any newbie mom she needed increasing amounts of healthy fats to support her breast feeding and to have enough for her own recovery. I increased her fish oils and started feeding her at least a half an avocado per day for extra essential fats (which is quite a bit considering Rana is only 6 lbs) her hair quickly regained it’s brilliance.

I’m always so amazed at what lessons I learn and health practices I adopt whenever I appreciate the phenomenons that are provided by mother nature. This experience reminded me of how abiding by natural laws helps us all to live our best lives. Whether we are observing a Yorkshire Terrier’s birth story or sharing in the celebration of welcoming little Hudson James Bingeman, Dr. Melissa’s bouncing Babe.  There are natural tips and tools that will help you give it your best go, if you need help don’t hesitate to ask we are here to help you on your health practice, at any stage of life.

ps. As a sweet little treat from our bundle of baby joy, Hudson, swing by the clinic to receive 20% off cases of Cocolicious bars (and they’re cleanse approved!).