Paint it Red! Happy Canada Day!

Jamie Bell Uncategorised

May you live to be 150!

Traditionally the birthday song in my culture says “happy birthday…may you live to be a hundred” …let’s take after our beautiful country and wish for a 150 instead! If you’re drinking this weekend, enjoy our favourite – Pinot Noir – to keep young and healthy to 150!

Pinot Noir is chalk full of antioxidants that are famous for making the French ageless. Antioxidants like resveratrol decrease the effects of stressors on your body, protect your nervous system, and help your blood and heart pump with vibrant health. 

Get a good dose of antioxidants while you enjoy some divine Red this weekend, here are our favourite ways!

Sparkling Red Wine

  • Mix Pinot Noir + sparkling water in a large pitcher. Proportions to taste. 


  • Freeze red wine in an ice cube tray
  • Mix the wine cubes in a blender with chilled red wine, fresh or frozen berries and soda water or some Lemon Lime Twist Zevia*

Top either of these drinks with a drop of stevia, a squeeze of lemon, a few frozen blueberries for an icy treat or a fresh mint leaf!

*Zevias are a great cola alternative for sipping or mixing in your beverages, you can find them locally at Sobey’s, Goodness Me, Zehrs, FiddleHeads and more.

Celebrate our beautiful home and keep safe and happy this weekend folks!