When your Lab Results say “You’re Good to Go” but you’re Not Feeling It!

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When “no news is good news” and you still feel horribly unwell, what should you do?

We say take a copy of your lab results to a Naturopathic Doctor, preferably one at Sanas Health Practice, to tell you the real deal!


Labs are used to diagnose disease and monitor progression.

Labs cannot tell you if your body’s physical function is faltering. They only signal a problem when things are bad, real bad. I’ve seen this so frequently that it’s a little scary how some people will believe their labs over how they are feeling; “I’m fine, my labs are all normal.” There must be a small voice in their heads asking: “then why do I feel so shitty?” This is because most labs miss out on functional disease, pre-disease states, breakdowns of communications in your regulating systems and toxic overload states.


So how do labs have the power to tell us what is normal and what is not? After all it’s good to be normal right? Wrong!

The normal ranges for lab tests are developed from pooling the averages of people who have done lab testing. The problem is that in order to come up with a real representation of normal healthy values, they need to be testing both healthy and unhealthy individuals. How often has your doctor ordered lab work when you’re feeling great and healthy? Not very often! People who get tested are people that are feeling sick. Therefore, normal lab ranges are based on an unhealthy population of people.


So, if you fall within the normal ranges you can consider yourself “Sick-Healthy” Congrats???!!!!

Sounds weird no? Where you really want to be is in the “Healthy – Healthy” zone! This is where Naturopathic Doctors excel, because our focus is on disease prevention and OPTIMIZATION of health. We are looking at your lab values to show excellence and optimization, not just average health. We know “Healthy – Healthy” is achievable; we can get you there! Of course you have to do the heavy lifting!


Here’s how blood results are reported, let’s use B12 as an example.

Normal ranges of B12 in the blood are between 150 – 600. But did you know, research shows that at those levels you are completely deficient of B12 in your nervous system! It is showing up in your blood, but is not reaching your brain! We are looking for your B12 to be above 1100! This is VERY different from the norm. Oral B12 supplements are not well absorbed for many people due to common genetic variations, so we go for injectable forms when possible. We can easily help you achieve optimal levels with B12 injections. Many times we actually teach patients to do their injections themselves, because in order to replete their levels, injections will need to be done frequently. To find out what is right for you book an appointment and speak with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.


The more important issue with “normal”, is that you are not normal! You are YOU!

(Insert “ah-ha” moment here!) Your personal reference range may be such that you are an amazing anomaly, that you feel horribly sick in the conventional reference ranges and your optimal “healthy-healthy” lies in a completely different area. The only way to find out is over time, by testing and follow-up on your symptoms. Again, something your Naturopathic Doctor can help you with.


Finally, you’re not always being tested for all the things you should be.

Thyroid testing is the best example of this. Most MD’s will only test the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). The problem with this is that TSH levels are a signal released from the BRAIN and not from your thyroid, and it doesn’t reflect the levels in your tissues where the other more important thyroid hormones are acting. The important hormones, T3 and T4 are released from your THYROID when your brain gives the green light (in the form of TSH). Free T3 is one of the most important measures of thyroid health, and Free T4 along with it, and where those lay dictates whether you have good thyroid function or not. So-called “optimal” ranges of Free T3 are within the 3.5 – 6.5 but your Naturopathic Doctor knows better. Our goal is to get you above 5.5, this is the sweet spot to thyroid health where you feel much better.


So now that you are armed with all the amazing information what should you do?

We say book an appointment because here’s how your Sanas Health Practice Naturopathic Doctor can help YOU:


  1. FIND OUT “YOUR” LAB NORMALS: Our Benefit Your Body Best PROGRAM is designed with your yearly physical exam along with labs. This keeps a record of your health progress from year to year, and gives your naturopath the ability to learn what “your” normals are and to stop disease progression in it’s tracks.
  2. “YOUR” OPTIMAL Thyroid Panel. Testing all the measures of thyroid health will better serve you to beat the Fatigue, Fog and Weight Gain that accompany Thyroid Disease.
  3. “YOUR” BETTER B12. Find out if you are a candidate for B12 Self injections. Weight loss, low levels of B12, low energy, constipation, brain fog, bad digestion and much more can improve.
  4. “YOUR” FUNCTIONAL TESTING. These tests show us how your body is acting now and gives us real tools that you can implement now to help improve and make you FEEL Good! Typically for best results these should be retested. A few of our Favorites include:
    • Food Sensitivity Testing (more than just food intolerances, this test gives us an idea of the health of your gut and immune system).
    • Dutch Hormone Testing using urinary hormone levels to show how your hormones are working and being broken down, more information than you can imagine.
    • OATs (Organic Amino Acids Test) shows bacterial profile in the body and neurotransmitters in the brain.
    • Energy Mapping – Shows your biological age and regulation of your systems, from hormonal, nervous and immune.
    • Body Metrix – A key to getting your hormones in check. Assesses, body fat levels, lean muscle mass and hormones. Where you deposit fat on your body dictates your dominant hormone.
    • Live Blood Cell Analysis – A look into your blood can reveal your toxicity status, nutrient profile and predisposition to disease, and also serves to show how well you are improving over time


So now you know the real deal with your labs.

It’s up to you to act with this information, you can stay within the “I’m fine cause my labs tell me so” or aim higher for optimized health. Learn to think from a complete functional medicine perspective and individualized manner. Bottom line is YOU are YOU. You are likely not normal (which is good), and you need very specific things for YOU. Start thinking about your healthcare from the YOU perspective and not from the “everyone else’s average”. YOU can feel better, if you know who YOU are. Love your lifestyle, align your attitude, let your life lift you higher and your impact to be infinitely illuminating.


Love, Dr. Marisol