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Health Programs

Your health practice programs have been specially developed to address your most pressing concerns such as cancer, auto-immune disorders, excess weight, unbalanced hormones, environmental and food allergies/sensitivities, digestive dysbiosis (yeast/candida and bad bug overgrowth), cleansing/detox, or if you simply want a roadmap to being the best you. They have been formulated to be some of the best naturopathic protocols to help bring your body back to health and speed your healing journey. We make it simple and easy.


The Cancer-Vive philosophy is based on two words, living and surviving two important daily goals of a cancer diagnosis.

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Heal it, Clean it

Our Cleansing and Detoxification Program, is an incredible combination of our most important naturopathic modalities.

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Candida Clear

Candida, a yeast that naturally occurs in our system, is kept in check by the good bacteria that helps keep our immune system strong.

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Elite MVP

Enhance your physical performance through the use of intravenous nutrient therapy, athlete specific supplementation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Flirty & Fit @ 40+

Let us help you to feel flirty and fit at 40 by guiding you through this transitional time. Feel healthy, empowered and flirty and fit @ 40+.

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Hormonal Harmony

Your health depends on achieving healthy hormonal balance. Through special testing, hormone specific diet changes, and detoxification, your body can achieve a natural healthy rhythm.

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Fabulously Fertile

Your Fabulously Fertile program helps to maximize your chance of conception. We have been successful at helping our patients bring beautiful babies in to this world.

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Thyroid Tone

If you are dealing with difficulty losing weight, infertility, mood issues, digestive disturbances and insomnia, these are some of the classic signs of thyroid dysfunction.

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Male Mo-Jo

Enhance fertility, physical and mental performance, mood, digestion and weight loss through your “Male Mo-Jo” program.

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