Get your FREE Cleanse!

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Everyone loves FREE, but you won’t believe me if I tell you how to do your FREE Cleanse!

Now I’m not going to advise this to all, but for many of us who have a healthy body – free of any chronic debilitating disease, the best way to do a free cleanse is to get infected!

Yes, that’s right infected….with the common cold or flu. The infection feared by many and avoided by conventional medicine through the propaganda and perpetuation of flu shot clinics and advertisements, is actually something you want. The common cold/flu is very beneficial for your health. Those that boast that they “never get sick”, will learn that getting the sniffles and sneezes is actually the way to go. “But, how can this be”, you ask? Read on to find out.

Here’s my story

Last week I got hit hard! Ironically the week before I was looking at dates to plan my annual spring cleanse. Suddenly out of nowhere I felt it, (well not exactly “nowhere”, because there were a plentitude of people sick around me – like my daughter, my patients and some of my staff – and I was rundown from working 3 weeks straight without a break). First, I got a headache, and then the sniffles, and then the congestion that overtook my brain felt like my head was a piñata at a five-year-old’s birthday party. Finally, the fatigue took over along with the chills; to the touch I felt hot but internally I was shivering like a bald Chihuahua that was adopted by Penguins and living in Antarctica.

Barely able to get out of bed and slithering around my house like a sloth, I decided instead of dwelling on the downturn of my luck, I would look on the bright side and make the most of my situation. I started up in the kitchen, making my good ol’ chicken stock, my Ginger/Cayenne Pepper/Turmeric Lemon Water, my Lemon Honey Onion Throat Shots, my Green Tea and Rooibos Tea ….and I realized to my surprise that I was pretty well doing the same prep work I do for my Cleanses.

It’s simple: the body has three protective function, burn it off, bust it out, or package it up!

When you’re sick your body uses two systems to help you heal…coincidentally these are the two most important areas of your body that you are stimulating when cleansing. Essentially, when “cleaning house” through cleansing or fighting an infection, you “Burn it off and Bust it out”! The sniffles, sneezes and the undesirable diarrhea and vomiting are the best way to get the junk out of your system. So as the immune and liver detoxification systems are activated not only are you removing the virus or bacteria that my be afflicting you but you are also burning out toxins that are stored in your tissues and eliminating them from within your system. These toxins include excess hormones and environmental toxins like heavy metals and pesticides.

The immune system and liver work quite well together and both are involved with cleansing.

The immune system burns and attacks invaders, whether it is bugs (bacteria or viruses) or toxins. Doesn’t matter what they are – if they don’t belong, they don’t belong. In the meantime, the liver “packages up” the leftovers after the fight that the immune system mounts and prepares them for elimination, much like the FedEx of the body. Interestingly, both the immune system and liver are most active at the same time between the wee hours of 1-3 am; this is one of the reasons why it’s so important to get a good nights rest. Every night the body undergoes a mini cleanse, but only if you are deep asleep from at least 10-11pm.

So, if you’re so fortunate to be miserably ill, make the most of it by following the Practices below to capitalize on your FREE CLEANSE


Rest to recuperate– When you rest your body can shift focus to cleaning and clearing which are the essential jobs of a healthy immune system. Avoidance of stimulants like caffeine and depressants like alcohol help you get a restorative sleep that will help you recuperate.

Happily Hydrate– Flush, flush flush! Water is the universal solvent and we must keep hydrated. Fresh Reverse Osmosis water, and infused drinks like Green, Rooibos and Herbal Teas help your body to heal. Broth is also an excellent way to hydrate a body, adding in the essential electrolytes we need to replenish any deficiencies. A unique way to hydrate the body is by doing a colon hydrotherapy treatment. One of its main functions is to hydrate the colon, and a hydrated colon is a healthy colon. With 80% of your immune system housed in the gut, it must be clean to do a good job. The pioneers of naturopathic medicine recommended hydrotherapy and enemas to clean out the colon in order to speed healing at the first sign of a cold or flu.

Free from food – We say “Starve a Cold and Fast a Flu!” – Keep food to a minimum and avoid the big culprits. Sugar acts as an immune depressant – 1 spoonful of sugar will reduce your immune function by 50% over a 24-hour period! Wow! Dairy is phlegm forming – and will make you more congested. Grains – while you might crave that bowl of chicken noodle soup, grains are inflammatory and will hinder your body’s ability to heal. Try to remain fed with liquids and fluids like: Broth, Smoothies, Soup/stew One-pots all made with healthy lean proteins, red & green vegetables and clean fats. This way your body will be able to “fight the foe” instead of focusing on difficult digestion!

Boost your Immunity – Look in your pantry for foods that support your immune system, including: ginger, turmeric, cayenne, garlic, onion, lemon and lime. Consume them in teas, blended drinks, in capsule form, or mixed within your liquid foods – or in any way you enjoy them most. These foods warm the body, behave as anti-microbials, or help to clear the body by activating the liver. At the first sign of feeling worn-down or like a bug might have gotten you, get in for an Intra-Venous Nutrient infusion with high doses of Vitamin C. This will provide you with nutrients that are essential to fighting an infection and are common deficiencies. You may also have Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) added to your infusion, which boosts your white blood cells count – these cells acts as the foot soldiers of your immune system. Finding this hard to believe? We have proof! Check out the blood picture below, showing samples of live blood cells analysis before and after IV with HCl. After the IV infusion, the white blood cells are dancing around and the live blood sample is loaded with them! Live proof of how IV’s help you to beat it, and fast!

Optimize Elimination – Colon Hydrotherapy, Magnesium and Vitamin C help to clear the bowel of stools that sit and ferment in the gut…and add to your toxic burden. Sweating practices like sauna or hot yoga both increase your immune function and elimination, keys to getting the bad stuff out. Remember to always alkalinize by adding in electrolytes and minerals especially when you are sick. Alkalinizing agents and electrolytes help to keep the flow of toxins moving out of the body and your bodily functions working optimally. We love our Alka Practice Powder as it tastes great and satisfies both alkalinizing and replenishing electrolytes.


These practices all mimic your spring and fall cleanse. So the next time you run into a state of infection, look on the bright side and take advantage of this opportunity to get a “FREE CLEANSE”. Remember there is always a silver lining, and “Post Infection Fabulous” is our goal!