Flirty and Fit @ 40+

Life just keeps getting better

Your 40’s should be a fabulous time in your life. You are past the awkwardness of your teens and early 20’s, you are more confidant than in your 30’s, and you have been through enough to have wisdom and life experience. However, your 40’s are also a time when your body changes. Metabolism slows, moods and energy decrease, and hormones start to shift as you begin to experience perimenopause. Let us help you to feel flirty and fit at 40 by guiding you through this transitional time. Depending on your health goals, we may suggest food sensitivity testing, gene testing, hormone testing, candida cleansing or other detoxification practices in the formulation of your plan. In the end, you will leave feeling healthy and stronger so you can be flirty and fit @ 40+.

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