Fast Practice

Fast Practice; Your Metabolic Reboot

Fast Practice is a supervised intermittent fasting program that is an excellent way to clear toxins from the body, reboot your metabolism and switch it into effective fat burning mode. With your daily schedule in mind we strategically personalize the timing of your meals and the avoidance of foods at certain intervals. It is an easy, non-restrictive way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body composition.

You are encouraged to go above and beyond to get even better results by testing your food sensitivities, use health promoting non-caloric beverages, supplementing with personalized vitamins and nutrients, doing metabolism boosting B12 injections, incorporating cleansing circuits and intermingling exercise. You will maximize your body’s ability to lose weight, burn fat, increase your metabolism, remove toxins, all regardless of your age. It’s a program unique to Sanas that is tailored to your personalized needs.

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