Colon Cleansing – Colonics

The Health Practice of Colon Cleansing – Colonics

Flow and movement are very important to a healthy body. Flow is most important in the colon( aka large intestine, gut, bowels), whose main responsibility is the processing of waste materials and letting these go. In Most Simplistic Terms the Digestive Tract is a hollow tube, Food Comes in, it is processed and the bodily wastes are removed outwards. It is basically a tube that exposes the whole body to the outside world. The digestive tract like the skin should be cleansed regularly to remove the residues that accumulate over time and with discrepancies in our daily diet. As you shower regularly, so too you should cleanse the bowels to improve their flow.

Colon cleansing / colon hydrotherapy is a health practice ( that is typically done as needed, seasonally or as prescribed therapeutically) that focuses on rehydration of the bowels, cleansing with water (the natural solvent) and improvement of natural peristalsis tone (movement of the colon that removes waste materials from the colon) what we call flow. When the bowels are rehydrated this also improves total body health as the colon is responsible for total body hydration and reabsorption of fluids from the foods we eat and the water we drink. Overall this therapeutic experience improves total health and body flow.

What to expect:

Our Angel of Water, spa-like system is the most comfortable, hygienic method of experiencing a colon cleanse. Using triple-purified water and a single-use disposable speculum that is self-inserted. It gently introduces an appropriate amount of gravity fed water into the bowel. As the water flows in (it softly massages the intestine and rehydrates the colon) and the waste materials flow outwards. The therapy lasts 30 min and the colon cleanse care specialist oversees the therapy to ensure proper elimination is taking place. Depending on your health state some people require more than one treatment to have overall improvement in colon health. Your colon cleanse care assistant will discuss what is right for you.

Some examples why people may start a colon cleanse health practice

  • As a Cleansing practice – to maintain your healthy body
  • Weight Loss – Improving elimination
  • Part of a Detoxification Program – Reducing Toxic Load in all forms of chronic disease
  • Constipation – To Aid in retrain bowels for proper regular bowel movements.
  • Food Allergies – to reduce reabsorption of irritants.
  • Part of a Candida Clearing Protocol – Resetting the bacterial Milieu of the intestines.
  • Hormone problems – To reduce reabsorption of toxic and hormonal matter.
  • IBS – To reduce gas and problems of the intestine.
  • Prescribed – By Naturopathic Doctor or other health care practitioner

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