Cancer-Vive Philosophy

Cancer is an opportunity to create incredible positive change in your life and in the lives of those around you. As life shattering as it may be to receive a cancer diagnosis, it is truly a “present”, the ultimate nudge that pushes you to live and love in the moment. The Cancer-Vive philosophy is based on two words, living and surviving two important daily goals of a cancer diagnosis.


Guidance on your journey

Naturopathic medicine can offer many tools to help support you through this journey. Whether you are focusing on prevention or have a recently new diagnosis, or perhaps have been dealing with the diagnosis for a while. There is hope! We have the knowledge to help educate you in all aspects of your care both conventional and alternative, our treatments can be easily implemented alone for those with no conventional care options or in conjunction with conventional cancer care (chemotherapy and radiation)

Goals of care are different for each patient, firstly you are carefully assessed on an individual basis to see the state of your present health and then together we decide your goals. Most important are improving quality of life and enhancing any conventional care you may be receiving (reducing side effects and optimizing chemo and radiation). If you are not offered conventional care or are choosing to not have conventional care we offer you options.

Always seek the advice of a skilled naturopathic doctor with knowledge in cancer care. Time is of the essence in your care, utmost care and caution must be taken when combining natural therapies with conventional care. We use up to date pre-clinical, clinical and treatments with 100+ years of use.

Some of our Cancer-Vive Treatment Tools:


In Europe, Mistletoe therapy is the most widely researched and used natural treatment for cancer. It is a staple therapy in the Cancer-vive Program.

The Use of Mistletoe dates back to Hippocrates, it then became popularized by Anthroposophycal doctor Rudolf Steiner who assessed the Plant according to the Doctrine of Signatures (how a plant acts in nature is how it works in the human body to treat disease) realized that Mistletoe acted much like cancer, it is a growth that survives on a host and thrives on its sap supply and is only alive as long as the host is alive. This was the beginning of the use of Mistletoe for cancer and since 1916 a preparation of Mistletoe was successfully used with Cancer patients, millions of doses have been given and it has been validated by hundreds of medical trials. Personal use in practice shows an excellent therapeutic effect.

Mistletoe has various effects in the human body, it enhances the immune system, is used as a prophylaxis of recurrence of tumor after surgery, improves quality of life during chemotherapy and radiation, can improve responses to conventional treatments and much more.

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