Benefit Your Body Best


BYBB is your annual assessment that serves as a thorough “tune up” for patients who are on long-term health protocols. It was created to make sure every patient has access to an unique health care management program with an extensive record of any changes in their yearly labs, physical and functional exam.

This assessment includes a full physical exam with your doctor, blood testing and BodyMetrix assessments, to obtain a whole picture of your current level of health. Your health practices are tweaked and changed according to the results of testing and physical exam so that you can continue to optimize your health.

The benefit of tracking your vital statistics throughout the years is an ability to look into the past and see the changes into the future. If the information is available we can make sure you are on track and stay there.

Many people have never even had a blood test in their lives so when something happens they don’t know what their normal is! We aim to change that.

We will be the trustees of your health information and keep you in the best shape possible.

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