Back To School Anxiousness?

Dr. Kate Kuntze, ND Mental Health

As many are preparing to go back to school this year (or not), with things looking a little different this year, there is no doubt with this change and unknowing that anxiety starts to pop up. Feeling anxious is a normal feeling, especially at times of change or increased stress, BUT feeling anxious all the time and for a long period is not ideal.

It may be difficult for children to express their feelings using words, so instead they may act out, withdraw, or begin to consistently complain of vague physical symptoms such as headaches and abdominal pains. It is good to pay attention for these changes in little ones during this time of year and be mindful (adults too) of excessive and intrusive worrying, agitation, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, tense muscles and trouble sleeping.

It is important to determine the nature of the anxiety – whether it be situational, social, due to work stress, and how it manifests in your body. Understanding this can help your naturopathic doctor determine the best treatment for you.

Some therapies that may be considered are:
  • – Counselling & mindfulness exercises (one of my go-to’s is breathing exercises such as this one)
  • – Adrenal support (glands that produce our stress hormone, cortisol) – a wide array of vitamins/minerals and herbs can help here
  • – GABA – an inhibitory neurotransmitter naturally found in our bodies
  • – Glycine – an amino acid that calms the nervous system
  • – L-theanine – an amino acid commonly found in green tea that calms the nervous system
  • – Magnesium – a natural muscle relaxer and nervous system relaxant
  • – Inositol – sometimes referred to as vitamin B8, it’s a building block for our feel good neurotransmitters

If this is something you are noticing, reach out for help, talk to your healthcare provider to see what you can do.