B Vitamins and Our Gut

Dr. Kate Kuntze, ND Uncategorised

Have you ever wondered what exactly is a vitamin? It’s something that is required from an external source as the body cannot make it.

So this must come from food and supplements, right? Yes and no.

Mammals (that’s us) cannot make B vitamins on our own, hence they are classified as vitamins.

So where do they come from? Meats, plants, and even microorganisms such as our gut microbiota!

The gut microbiota produces hundreds of bioactive compounds, including B vitamins! When our gut is happy and healthy, our whole body is in such a better balanced state of health – I’m sure most would agree!

Probiotics such as several lactic acid bacteria (lactobacillus and lactococcus) and bifidobacteria are known to produce these vitamins. These probiotics are also well-known for numerous other health benefits.

With that being said, many B-vitamins serve a role in improving gastrointestinal distress associated with an unhealthy microbiome. Dietary B vitamins are mainly absorbed in the small intestines and excess B vitamins in the distal large intestine may perform many important functions in the body.

They act as:

  • – Nutrients for host and their microbiota
  • – Regulators of immune cell activity
  • – Support survival of certain beneficial bacteria
  • – Suppress the colonization by bad bacteria
  • – Modulate intestinal inflammation

No doubt when we have adequate amounts of B vitamins we feel better and part of this can be attributed to a healthy, balanced gut.

It really is all about balance; giving what the body needs to provide balance. Just like a garden –  we reap what we sow!

How’s your garden coming along?