Alka-Practice: Re-Balance, Revive, Re-energize!

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At Sanas we love to work up a sweat, and our favorite type of sweating comes in the form of a hot yoga class.

Recently Dr. Marisol was practicing at our local studio and had to jump out of yogi mode and into doctor mode because one of her classmates had fainted in the middle of hot yoga!! Can you imagine?! Unfortunately, there was no electrolyte powder on hand, but after cooling off and hydrating her fellow yogi felt better and that’s where it all ended. Hearing this story made me realize how important it is to hydrate. Water, green and rooibos teas are great, but I mean…really hydrate. When you sweat, you lose important minerals through your skin, this is what makes our sweat taste so salty. But we don’t always do the best job at replenishing those lost minerals.

Gato-rid of the junk!

Forget about sugar-ridden sports drinks full of food colouring and artificial flavours. When you exercise, you both work up a sweat AND cause small amounts of inflammation in your tissue. Additionally, your body begins to produce lactic acid and other metabolites (biochemical byproducts) in your tissue. All this is why you may feel sore after a good workout. The PuraSanas formula is specially designed to speed recovery by reducing the acidity in tissue, reducing inflammation and facilitating muscle repair through Magnesium and the amino acid Taurine. Meaning you get back to your next workout recovered and ready to work hard!

What the pH is alkalinity? 

Alkalinity is an indication of how basic a substance is versus how acidic it is. When we fall out of our health practices and indulge in alcohol, sweets and deliciously comforting carbs we promote an acidic body. An acidic body is painful, inflamed and not as healthy as it could be. This is why you may feel your migraines return, your healthy poops back up and generally feel “off” after a great holiday. In the long term acidity impacts our digestive health by depleting stomach acids, decreases our bone density, impacts energy levels and worsens pain. Getting back to your routine with an alkaline diet (high in vegetables and healthy fats/meats), along with regular exercise helps neutralize this acidic environment. Staying hydrated and alkaline also ensures your kidneys function optimally to metabolize and rid toxins from your body (more on this in another blog!). Adding an alkalyte (alkalinizing electrolyte) also helps your body become more basic.

“But I use Emergen-C”

In addition to vitamin C, Alka Practice has the added benefits of the anti-inflammatories and natural anti-histamines quercetin and bioflavonoids. These compounds act by reducing the amount of histamines, or “itch and sniff” factors, in your system. If you’re gearing up for your outdoor runs, golf or cottage season and loading up on a jumbo-pack of Claritin or Aerius, use this formula before seasonal allergies begin and monitor your symptoms in the spring.

Dry as a whistle?

Do you generally have a hard time working up a sweat? This is a sign your body need some coaxing. Think of it this way, if you’re depleted in minerals there’s no way your body will risk losing even more through sweating! The problem is your skin is your largest organ of detoxification! You release toxins through your skin… ever wonder why your sweat stinks or leaves stains on your clothing? This is why inducing sweating is an important part of our cleansing practice. Get sweating 3-4x/week through hot yoga, saunas or your favorite form of exercise and watch how your sweat stinks less and your skin glows over time!

Read more below about our formula, or better yet ask for a glass next time you’re by to see us or our friends at Midtown Yoga!


Remember to always practice safe sweating!

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